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The investment policy of the Republic of Armenia and the support to the investments are one of the core directions of Armenian Government economic policy.
The investment policy is targeted at the development of favorable investment and business climate, advancement of the transparency of regulating environment, revelation of competitive advantages of the country, increase of the volume of investments in Armenia, development of market infrastructure, and as a result the insurance of economic development based on all the mentioned factors. 
The further course of industrial and technological development of the country is mostly conditioned by the development and effective implementation of targeted investment policy. The provision of increase in the volume of the investments in Armenia will solve several key issues, such as creation of new jobs, involvement of know-how specific to market economies (general and financial management, marketing, new technologies, skills, etc.), revelation of new markets and their accessibility, opportunities for entering them, etc. 
The main goal of the Free Economic Zones (FEZ) in Armenia is to contribute to the export volume growth and creation of new jobs, as well as ensure sustainable economic development through integrating foreign direct investments and introducing advanced technologies. The commercial legal entities, individual entrepreneurs or branch offices registered in Armenia, as well as the representatives of foreign organizations can become residents of free economic zones in Armenia.
FEZ residents are granted the following preferences:
  • FEZ organizer and operator (hereinafter resident) are exempted from VAT when delivering services and supplying goods in FEZ territory;
  • Legal entities are exempted from profit tax and individual entrepreneurs from income tax when being a resident and performing activities in FEZ;
  • Public and industrial buildings and structures that belong to or are used by FEZ residents in FEZ territory are exempted from property tax;
  • Goods released through “Import to Free Economic Zone” regime as well as other goods produced on these goods in the territory of the free economic zone can be exported from the Republic of Armenia to foreign countries through “export for free circulation” or “re-exportation” regimes without applying customs charges and non-tariff regulation measures;
  • Services delivered in the free economic zone on behalf of the state bodies are realized on “one stop shop” basis.

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